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How do I?

Get my Assignment Coversheets:

Avoid Plagiarism

Macquarie University Plagiarism policy

Plagiarism involves using the work of another person and presenting it as your own. All students are responsible in familiarising themselves with the Macquarie University Plagiarism policy, seeking further advice if necessary and complying with it at all times.

Appeal my grade

There might be times when you think there may be a problem with your final grade. The Appeal Against a Final Grade process is available to help resolve any problems.

There are specific deadlines associated with this process. If you do not meet these deadlines the resolution of any grading problems will be delayed and may not finalised prior to re-enrolment.

For Internal Students the application process for Grade Appeal is as follows:
  1. Go  click on 'My Enquiries' and log on using your OneID.
  2. Under 'Forms and Requests' drop-box, you must select the 'Submit Grade Appeal' option.
  3. Then you need to follow the necessary prompts in order to submit your application.
Please also read the University policy at

Get my Academic Transcript (MQ)  

Students can obtain two types of academic transcripts:

1) Advising or Unofficial Transcript – used for academic consultations or university processes such as an application for Special Approval. If you require an unofficial academic transcript contact Student Enquiry Service.
2) Official transcript – printed on watermarked paper and used to verify a student’s results to an external person(s)/organisation. It includesyearly enrolment details, units, results, credit points, course completion and/or conferral of award details, as well as all fails and withdrawals.It is only available in hard copy and you will need to fill in a Transcript Request Form. 

Organise my Graduation

Look for course information

Get help with my Fees

Get Involved

Keep Informed

Find my way around the campus  

A map of the campus is available.  

  • Buildings labelled C are in the Center of the Campus E & F are on the East side of the Campus W and X are on the West side of the Campus.
  • Buildings are numbered with numbers from 1 to 11, where low numbers are closer to the front of the Campus (i.e. closer to Epping Road) and high numbers are closer to the back of the Campus (i.e. closer to the M2 motorway). 
Thus,  E11A is on the eastern side of the campus, near the rear of the campus. And W3A is on the west side of the campus, near the front of the campus.