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Looking for research or PhD supervision? At the Faculty of Human Sciences, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding academics who are renowned authorities in their fields. Home to the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD),  Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS), the Australia Hearing Hub and several other research centres, our Faculty offers you outstanding global multi-disciplinary research opportunities. Discover our Research Training Pathway or PhD and Research Degrees.

Innovate with world-class researchers

Cognitive Sciences

World-leading research on the mind and how it works.

Linguistics, Speech and Hearing

Collaborate with experts in linguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, lexicography, audiology and speech science.


World-class research in areas ranging from childhood anxiety to driving and motion capture.

Primary, Secondary & Special Education

Research programs in a range of areas reflecting the specialisations of education.

Early Childhood Education

Innovation in early childhood, primary, special education and inclusion, and technology based solutions.