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Early Childhood Education research projects

Investigating educator-infant talk and infant-peer interactions in long-day care

Infants' participation in language rich experiences form a foundation for their immediate and long-term learning and well-being. Most studies in this area have focused on mother-child interactions but with many infants now attending early childhood education and care services, this project comprises an in-depth investigation of the quantity and quality of educator-infant and infant-peer interactions which occur in long day care centres.  

My research seeks to understand the experiences of infants and toddlers, their educators and caregivers in a range of learning contexts. I bring a strong relationship focus to my work, and have a long-standing interest in the ways in which relationships are developed and enacted between very young children, their peers, educators and caregivers. A summary of my ideas can be found in Degotardi, S., & Pearson, E. (2014) The relationship worlds of infants and toddlers: Multiple perspectives from early years research and practice. Maidenhead; Open University Press.