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Supporting your progress

Reporting your progress allows our Higher Degree Research supervisors to support you in achieving a quality and timely completion of your research program. All you need to do is to report your progress regularly throughout your candidature beginning with the Faculty Commencement Report (FCR) at the end of your first six months (or equivalent part time).

Requirements vary by discipline area. In Psychology or Cognitive Science, you may need to undertake formal research training units. You will present on your progress and receive formal feedback.

For full details, please contact the HDR team for login access to iLearn.

Annual progress reports

Both you and your supervisors will be asked to report in October each year by completing the online Annual Progress Report (APR). The APR is mandatory, allows the University and its Faculties to monitor and evaluate your progress.

For further information on this online process, visit APR.

Showcasing your research

You may share your research with others both inside and outside the University by making presentations. The Faculty of Human Sciences and its associated departments hold various events to spotlight our candidates' research throughout the year including the 3 Minute Thesis (3MTĀ®) competition. We will alert you to these events regularly.

Changing units or enrolment

Continuing HDR candidates do not need to re-enrol every year. However to add units for the current year (such as Psychology or Cognitive Science HDRT units) or to make a change to any aspect of your enrolment or your research program, you must complete the required paperwork. Changes to candidature are outlined in the HDR Handbook and Guide for Candidates and Supervisors. Your Faculty HDR team are your first point of contact for advice. You should be aware of important dates such as census dates that require planning for candidature changes (such as moving from full-time to part-time or transferring your degree).

For further information, visit HDRO Important Dates.

Seeking advice

Discuss your expectations and responsibilities with your supervisors early and reach a mutual agreement. If you have questions of an academic nature, your HDR Departmental (academic) Director is also available with further recourse to advice via your Head of Department. The HDR Manager and the Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research (ADHDR) will be the next point for assistance if a problem arises. Any discussions will be treated in strict confidence.

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