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If you are undertaking research that involves human or animal subjects, you must obtain ethics clearance. Macquarie University is required by law to ensure that all research with human participants and animals and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) must meet the ethical and safety requirements of the relevant guidelines and legislation, and satisfy the guidelines of external funding agencies such as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

You are responsible for submitting your own application in consultation with your supervisor who will guide you on the ethics application process. Most Departments have an Ethics Advisor, ask your supervisor for details.

Please note that candidates cannot be the Chief Investigator on any Ethics Applications (Human, Animal or Biosafety). This includes Honours and HDR students. The nominated Chief Investigator will normally be your Principal Supervisor. Students may be named as Co- or Associate Investigators. Your supervisor will guide you on the ethics application process.

Researchers should consult the Research Ethics web pages to determine whether their research is subject to the respective guidelines, legislation and review processes.

Workshops on Animal and Human Ethics, and Bio-safety Research and Teaching issues are run by the Ethics Secretariat and in conjunction with the Learning and Teaching Centre and Work Health and Safety. For more details and contact information, visit our Human Research Ethics page.

For more details and contact information visit: Ethics at MQ

Working with Children Check

Background checks are required through the Working With Children Check (WWCC) for anyone in child-related work. If applicable, please include this signed form with your ethics application. Please retain a copy which you are required to have on your person at all times whilst conducting the research. This declaration is mandatory to both placements and research involving children, however individual organisations may have additional specific requirements.

For more details ask HDRO or visit: NSW Commission for Children and Young People