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2014 Faculty Executive Dean's Award winners

Wayne WarburtonCongratulations to the recipients of the 2014 Faculty of Human Sciences Executive Dean's Awards for Learning and Teaching and all who participated.

2014 Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr Wayne Warburton (Psychology)

Highly Commended in this category

Dr Neil Harrison (Education)

Ms Judy Adnum (Education) 

About our winners

Wayne Warburton is a lecturer in developmental psychology with the Department of Psychology and is the Deputy Director of the Children and Families Research Centre at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). He lectures on human development, personality, aggressive behaviour, psychotic illness, and counselling issues. Wayne primarily studies aggressive behaviour. His specific focus is on the effects of violent media, the development of aggressive patterns of thought (particularly those that link the notions of aggression and control), aggressive driving, links between personality styles and aggressive behaviour, and the links between social exclusion and aggression. See his full profile

Neil Harrison has worked in Indigenous education since 1978 as a primary, secondary and tertiary teacher. He has over 30 years of teaching and research experience in Aboriginal education, with his book Teaching and Learning in Aboriginal Education (Oxford) being used widely in teacher education programs across Australia. His recent research centres upon developing Aboriginal community - university partnerships. See his full profile

Judy Adnum is a lecturer in the School of Education, specialising in the areas of HSIE methodology. Judy taught History to students in high schools throughout rural and regional NSW, and subsequently became a consultant with the Department of Education, talking to teachers around the state about teaching Civics and History. She has written a number of publications including the Sydney Morning Herald HSC Study Guides for Modern History, History resource kits for the National Archives and federal Government, chapters of Commerce textbooks and journal articles for the Teaching History Journal and has worked with many educational publishers editing resources to be used in schools. See his full profile