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Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff

[L-R] Avril Moss, Kylie Coaldrake, Lorraine Whybrow, Robyn Bishop, Dr Ben Johnston, Judy Lawrie, Professor S Bruce Dowton, Dr Janos Tomka and Hana Krskova. Photo: Chris Stacey.

Judy Lawrie, Executive Officer to the Executive Dean and Dr Janos Tomka, Anatomy & Biomechanics Laboratory Coordinator from the Faculty of Human Sciences were among three Macquarie staff who have received $5000 development grants in the inaugural Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff. In addition, five of our Faculty professional staff have been highly commended at the Awards.

Vice-Chancellor Professor S Bruce Dowton says retaining high-performing professional staff is crucial if the University is to realise the vision we have set ourselves in Our University: A Framing of Futures.

"The support services professional staff members provide to academics, students, alumni, corporate partners and other key stakeholders of the University must be of the highest quality if we are to move forward to further greatness," he said.

Professor Dowton thanked each of the winners for their significant contributions to Macquarie. "I commend you for the excellent way in which you perform at your job and look forward to hearing about your great work in the future."

The winners

Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff
Judy Lawrie

Executive Officer, Faculty of Human Sciences

"It's very nice for professional staff to be recognised. I'm part of a great team, with a great Executive Dean, Professor Janet Greeley, and that makes everything possible. The prize is very generous and I'm not sure how I'll spend it yet. A few people have offered to help me use the prize money well! It will be very interesting to consider some wonderful opportunities."

Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff
Janos Tomka

Anatomy & Biomechanics Laboratory Coordinator, ASAM/Faculty of Human Sciences

"I feel honoured to work for Macquarie and the Australian School of Advanced Medicine in a job I am very passionate about.

More than four years ago when Associate Professor Richard Appleyard (Director of Clinical Skills Training) offered me this position, he tasked me with helping to establish one of the best surgical skills training facilities in Australia. I am proud to see how rapidly we have achieved this goal. Our centre is now not only nationally recognised, but is internationally recognised for outstanding service with a Gold Standard in clinical skills training.

To collaborate with surgeons from Macquarie University Hospital in medical research, to participate in post graduate medical education and to assist the development of the latest surgical techniques and procedures is an exciting experience. It is fulfilling to have our clients (national and international medical companies) and guests (the prominent surgeons, physicians and students from all around the world) give such high praise for the service we provide. I am glad to contribute towards elevating the reputation of Macquarie.

I would like to share this recognition with my team – Richard (a big thank you for your continued support), Dane, Marian, Kami, Amund, Martin and Heath – without whom I would not have achieved this award.

I was trained as a trauma surgeon in Hungary and worked hard on the clinical field. My work was rewarded with the acknowledgement and respect of my patients. My current position has given me the opportunity to continue using these skills and knowledge, and I am proud to have them recognised by the University. This award encourages me to continue my work and to maintain our highest standards."

Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff
Avril Moss

Department Administrator, Department of Psychology

"Getting recognition for my dedication and hard work from the Head of Department, drives me to continue striving for outcomes and benefits for those whom I represent. Knowing that my contribution is regarded highly reinforces that what I am contributing, makes a difference, which enables me to conduct myself with a value of fairness to all and is rewarding my value of personal integrity."

Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff
Robyn Bishop

HDR Manager, Faculty of Human Sciences

"At the presentation Professor Dowton said 'where you stand determines what you see' and this resonates strongly with me. Who you stand with and the opportunities that come your way serve to alter that view. I am very fortunate to work alongside some very inspiring professional staff, academics and higher degree research candidates. Our daily interactions provide a range of different perspectives that have broadened my own. That my contribution has been recognised by the University is very gratifying but our success is due to the individual commitment and persistence of many. I am still excited each day to be part of the Macquarie team."

Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Professional Staff
Kylie Coaldrake, Lorraine Whybrow, Melanie Moscatt

Student Administration, Faculty of Human Sciences

"It is wonderful to know that our work is valued and this award will provide the confidence and inspiration for us to continually seek ways in which we can provide service and value," said Kylie Coaldrake.