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2013 Faculty Awards


For exemplary effort, customer service and team work. Donna has made a significant contribution to assisting HDR Candidates and supervisors.  Donna is very much a part of the HDR team even though geographically distant in ASAM and all appreciate her quiet leadership and positive attitude.


LISA ELLIOTT Lisa Elliott from the Faculty Research Team

For exemplary effort and outstanding achievement especially with 2 recent projects.  One was with members of the Faculty applying for a grant through the Office of Learning and Teaching which was a remarkable coordination effort. The second was securing significant significant government funding for an NHMRC grant.

Sachiko KinoshitaSachiko Kinoshita from Cognitive Science

For exemplary effort and public service to the Department.  Sachiko goes out of her way to welcome colleagues and is very generous with her personal time offering hospitality and assistance with aspects of their research.

Lesley McKnightLesley McKnight from Cognitive Science

For exemplary effort, public service and safety. Lesley's level of assistance and support to staff members and students is boundless.  Despite her increasing workload, she actively engenders a work environment that is both caring and efficient. .  Lesley has taken on many extra roles and tasks cheerfully and professionally.

Samantha BaggottSamantha Baggott from Cognitive Science

For exemplary effort, teamwork, productivity and project completion. Sam provides continued, unwavering and expert support for a range of activities within the Department including assisting academics with ethics, grants, and award applications with great dedication.

Donna Keeley, Celise Hill and Ruth Taulia Novy Alday, Donna Keeley, Celise Hill and Ruth Taulia from the Undergraduate Student Centre

For exemplary effort, team work, outstanding achievements and innovation in the delivery of service to students and staff.  They have reached an excellent standard of professional service, contributing to the development and improvements to the tracker system.

Contact: Judy Lawrie

Phone: 9850-8030