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A Lecture presented by the School of Education and Institute of Early Childhood

Voices of young people in varying places and spaces: From listening to acting

Presented by Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith - 2 October 2013

Much has been written in recent years regarding the capacity of young people to be active in researching and participating in policy development and change within a human rights discourse. Most, however, would agree that authentic, co-directed, agential engagement remains something of a rarity. So the question is: how can young people, teachers, program directors, academics and the like work toward transformative partnerships to listen and respond to student voices, in all of their richness and variety, within a range of human services?  

Professor Susan Groundwater-SmithSpeaker Profile

Susan Groundwater-Smith is an Honorary Professor of Education in the Faculty of Education and  Social Work at the University of Sydney. She is centrally concerned with the support and critique of professional inquiry and the practice of teaching and learning across a range of contexts including schools, colleges, universities, museums and other educationally focussed institutions. It was recently commented that Susan is “an impassioned advocate of the rights and the insights of learners in whatever the setting.”


This event is finished download the recording [mp3 14mb]