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PSY399 Psychological Science: Putting Theory into Practice

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PSY399 is a 3 credit point unit undertaken during the third year of an undergraduate psychology degree (preferably in the final semester) in preparation for either leaving to find employment with a psychology degree or continuing on to further study.

As such, this unit has a number of important functions. It provides students with an opportunity to reflect on their undergraduate learning to date and on how they might use it; it encourages students to integrate and synthesise the information from the various sub-disciplines in psychology; it encourages students to think about how real world issues may be approached with this knowledge; it focuses on the generic skills students will take into the workplace or further study; and it provides information on what jobs are available in psychology, how to apply for and prepare for those jobs, and on the codes of conduct and ethical behaviour guidelines that will inform students' professional conduct in the workplace or in further research.

It is important to note that this unit involves a different type of learning (i.e., learning by experience), and requires different student skills, than is usual in other psychology units. This is because PSY399 contains a practical placement component. Students will need to demonstrate learning from their placement experience, and will be expected to demonstrate initiative, professionalism and a high level of self- regulation in this unit.

PSY399 in the Handbook

Student placements

Organisation of placements and activities takes considerable time. Students eligible for or enrolled in PSY399 will receive information about what they need to do on their MQ student email address and therefore need to check their email regularly prior to the start of Session 2, 2015. After Session 2 begins information will also be available on iLearn. If students do not review the communication and respond as requested, they may miss important details which means they don't get the placement they want, or they are not able to start their placement until later in the session.

There are two types of placements: Student-nominated placements and University - initiated placements. The first option allows students to nominate ONE organization they wish to undertake their placement with. In order to nominate an organization for their placement, students must complete the student nominated placements' survey no later than 15 May 2015. Access to this survey will be sent to the students by email. Students who have not nominated a placement by this date will be required to preference a University Initiated Placement.  Full details of time lines and requirements are outlined in the Student Placement Guide.

Contact and Support

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iParticipate Guide for Student Undertaking

iParticipate Guide for Early Commencement

PSY399 Students with Specific Needs Form 2016

PSY399 Student Placement Guide 2016

PSY399 Student Placement Log Book 2016

PSY399 Unit guide 2016

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PACE Governance and Guidelines

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