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Wuthrich, Viviana



Funding Body



Value2016- 2019

2016Parkinson's NSWPsychological treatment of anxiety and depression in patients with Parkinson's Disease: A pilot programWuthrich V.M and Rapee, R.M.$19, 564
2016-2019NH&MRC project grantIncreasing the efficacy of treatment for socially anxious youth through theoretically derived improvements Rapee, R.M., Hudson, J., Jones, M., Wuthrich V.M., & McLellan, L.$971,747
2015Department of Psychology Research GrantPsychological Reduction of Risk for Cognitive Decline and Dementia among Older Australians

Wuthrich, V.M.



Macquarie University Research Development Scheme

Psychological Reduction of Risk for Cognitive Decline and Dementia among  Older Australians

Wuthrich, V.M.



Department of Psychology, Research Grant

Happy Healthy Ageing Trial Pilot Data

Wuthrich, V.M.



Open Access Publication Scheme, Faculty of Human  Sciences, Macquarie University

Randomised controlled trial of cognitive behavioural therapy for  comorbid anxiety and depression in older adults.

Wuthrich, V. M.



Beyond Blue NPDR Round 2 (Men)

Increasing utilisation of mental health services for adolescent males  with anxiety disorders

Hudson, Rapee, Lyneham & Wuthrich



New Staff (MQNS) & Start-Up Grant for  Academic Staff Returning from Parental Leave Scheme

Examination of the role of cognitive flexibility on the effectiveness of  CBT in older adults with anxiety and depression

Wuthrich, V.M.



Department of Psychology Research Funding Grant,  Macquarie University

Cortisol differences in younger and older adults under stress

Wuthrich, V.M.



NH&MRC Project Grant 1027556

A stepped care approach for the treatment of anxiety in children and  adolescents

Rapee, R.M., Hudson, J.L., Lyneham, H.L., Wuthrich, V.M., Kangas, M., &  Mihalopoulos, C.



NHMRC Equipment Grant


Wuthrich, V.M. & Rapee, R.M.




NH&MRC Project Grant 1004341

Investigation of the effectiveness of group Cognitive Behavioural  Therapy for comorbid anxiety and depression in older adults

Wuthrich, V.M. & Rapee, R.M.



Department of Psychology Research Funding  Application

Skin  conductance machine for physiological research.

Wuthrich & Rapee



Macquarie University Research Infrastructure  Block Grant

Treating  anxiety disorders across the lifespan.

Hudson, J., Rapee, R., Baillie, A, Kangas, M.,  McMahon, C., Lyneham, H., Wuthrich, V



Centre for Emotional Health Grant

Cognitive  Biases in Older Adults with Comorbid Depression and Anxiety

Wuthrich, V.M.



Faculty of Human Sciences Research Publication  Assistance Scheme

Cognitive biases in older adults with depression  and anxiety

Wuthrich, V.M.



Australian Rotary Health

Training benign interpretations in anxious  children and adolescents

Rapee, R.M., Wuthrich, V.M., Lyneham, H.L., & Kangas, M.

$36, 437

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