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Griffin, Barbara



Funding Body




2016MQ RIBGStatistical Infrastructure and Capability developmentGriffn, B.; Jones,M.;Hudson,J.; Wiggins,M.; Rapee,R.; McMahon,C.; Bussey,K.; Sherman,K.; Sweller,N.; Peters,L.;Crane,M.; Barbour,J.;Dear,B.;$61,226


ARC Discovery

A mental model of remaining lifetime: motivating late-career adjustment and productivity

Griffin, B. & Wang, M.



UMAT Consortium

A multi-centre investigation of the predictive validity of the UMAT: An Australian undergraduate medical schools linkage and outcomes study

Hay, M., Mercer, A., Griffin, B., Hu, W., Lay, D & Warnecke, E.



Centre for International Finance and Regulation Grant Scheme

Elements of risk governance and culture

Sheedy, E., Wright, S., Griffin,  B., & Magee, S.



Macquarie UniversityResearch Development Grant

Which factors matter most in choosing to become a rural doctor - those relating to the individual or to the environment?

Jones, M., Griffin, B., & Humphreys, J.



Medical Students Outcomes Data Competitive Grants

The role of personality and temperament in students' initial intention and later choice to enter rural practice early in their medical career.

Jones, M., Corrigan, G., Owen, C., Eley, D., Stagg, P., Griffin, B., & Wilson, I.


2009UMAT ConsortiumThreats to the validity ofthe UMATGriffin,B., Carless, S., Wilson, I.,Story, M., & Hay, M$87,200
2009-2012ARC DiscoveryRetirement transition: alongitudinal P-E fit approach within a "life expectancy" time frameworkHesketh, B., & Griffin, B.$240,500
2008-2010ARC DiscoveryRudeness, Undermining andInterpersonal Mistreatment at Work.Griffin, B$142,000

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