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Dr Alissa Beath


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My PhD (from which I graduated in 2015) investigated how dispositions (particularly, emotional intelligence) and emotion regulation (particularly, cognitive reappraisal) affect individuals' responses to (both chronic and acute) stress. I have since applied this framework to chronic health conditions (particularly gastrointestinal disorders), exploring the role that cognitions and emotions play in individuals' interpretation and regulation of physical sensations, and how this affects the development and experience of health disorders.

Research interests

Emotion regulation; appraisal; health psychology; cognitive reappraisal; functional somatic syndromes; stress and anxiety; personality


Beath, A. P., Jones, M. P. & Fitness, J. (2015). Predicting distress via emotion regulation and coping: Measurement variance in trait EI scales. Personality and Individual Differences.


Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor's Commendation for Academic Excellence2015
YearFunding bodyTitleTeam  
2016Macquarie University Research Infrastructure Building Grant SchemePsychophysiological studies of brain-gut interactionsJones, M; Dear, B; Shim, L.; Baillie, A.; Sherman; K.; Beath, A.$42,975