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Professor Mike Jones


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Mike Jones
  • Phone: +61 2 9850 8601
  • Email: Jones, Mike
  • Room: C3A 516
Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Human Sciences

Professor Mike Jones is Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Human Sciences and Deputy Head of the Psychology Department at Macquarie University. His primary research interests are in brain -gut interactions. Together with Australian and international collaborators he seeks to understand the mechanisms by which functional gastrointestinal disorders are so strongly associated with a number of psychological disorders and negative personality traits. In addition to his substantive position at Macquarie University, Mike holds honorary professorships at two other Australian universities and on two occasions has held the honorary position of Visiting Research Scientist at the Mayo Clinic (USA).

Research interests

Psychometrics; health psychology; epidemiology; statistics


Dinning PG, Hunt L, Patton V, Teng Z, Szczesniak M, Gebski V, Jones MP, Stewart P, Lubowski DZ, Cook IJ. Treatment efficacy of sacral nerve stimulation in slow transit constipation: A two phase, double blind randomized controlled crossover study. Accept by American Journal of Gastroenterology March 2015.

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Grodzinsky E, Walter S, Viktorsson L, Carlsson AK, Jones MP, Faresjo A. More negative self-esteem and inferior coping strategies among patients diagnosed with IBS compared with patients without IBS - a case-control study in primary care. BMC family practice. 2015;16(1):6

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2016MQ RIBGStatistical Infrastructure and Capability developmentGriffn, B.; Jones,M.;Hudson,J.; Wiggins,M.; Rapee,R.; McMahon,C.; Bussey,K. ;Sherman,K.;Sweller,N.; Peters,L.;Crane,M.; Barbour,J.; Dear,B.;$61,226
2016MQ RIBGPsychophysiological studies of brain-gut interactionsJones,M.; Dear, B.; Baillie,A.;Sherman,K.;Beath,A. et al$42,975


Australian Rotary Health

The CoolKids Health Program: An investigation of a psychotherapy program for distressed youth with functional (medically benign) somatic syndromes

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The impact and cost of short-term staffing in remote communities - is 'FIFO' the cure or the curse?

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Functional dyspepsia: Characterisation of the immunopathology and testing a novel therapeutic strategy

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MU Research Develop-ment Grant

The Cool-Health Youth Program: An investigation of a psychological treatment program for distressed youth with functional (medically benign) somatic syndromes.

Kangas, M., Rapee, R.M.,& Jones, M.




Augmentation of fear extinction in anxious children through the use of D-Cycloserine

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Maternal Anxiety in Pregnancy and Infant Bio-behavioural Regulation: Testing the Fetal Programming Hypothesis

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Development of diagnostic tools to treat patients with severe constipation

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Predicting the risk of invasive candidiasis in critically ill patients

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Improving population health by a multidisciplinary, multi-method focus kidney disease of the young, the old, and of Indigenous Australians;

Craig J, Cass A, Irwig L, Chadban S, McDonald S, Devitt J, Macaskill P, Jones M, Howard K, Salkeld G


Higher Degree Research completions






Dr Alissa Pauline Beath

Investigations Into Emotional Intelligence

Doctor of Philosophy


Dr Lisa Hodges

The influence of traumatic or stressful event characteristics on the development of dimensions of post-traumatic growth

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

2013Dr Pauline SampsonPredicted pathways to resilience and successful living: hope, compassion and self-regulationDoctor of Psychology
(Clinical Psychology)