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Our Teaching

2009-11-16JeremyPiper080The Faculty of Human Sciences covers a broad range of disciplines including linguistics, psychology, education, cognitive science and early childhood studies.

Flexible and specialised degrees
We offer both flexible undergraduate degrees and more specialised degrees which prepare students for successful and rewarding careers, and postgraduate studies.  We are large and diverse Faculty with over 4200 undergraduate students, born in 103 different countries.

Centres of Excellence
The Faculty has research centres of excellence in:

  • linguistics  (translating and interpreting, language in social life, language science, and adult migrant English)
  • education (special education, children and families, and e-learning)
  • psychology (emotional health and cognitive science)

Different degree structures to offer you a range of skills
Our aim is to provide our graduates with discipline specific skills as well as transferable skills including communication and problem solving, for different types of employment either in Australia or overseas. Students are able to choose general degree programs, such as the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science which offer maximum flexibility and allow sampling of a number of first year subjects before choosing an area of specialisation in the second year. Alternatively, more structured programs are available in named degrees.

Accredited qualifications, combined programs, and postgraduate options
Typically, named degrees such as the Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences provide accredited qualifications necessary to prepare students for future professional employment in areas such as education, or for postgraduate study in areas of psychology, audiology and speech pathology. Our wide range of programs also includes combined degrees (e.g. with Law) and double degrees with business and health.

Award winning expertise
We value excellence and innovation in teaching and research and many of our Faculty members have received teaching and research awards at the Faculty, University and national level. Excellence in teaching is supplemented by the inclusion, in some programs, of guest lectures by clinicians, leaders of the professions and research stars from across the Faculty.


Mitch Parsell
Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching