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Jennifer Star: Alumni Awards for Distinguished Service -- International Achievement

Length: 1:11 minutes

Description: Jennifer Star (née Purcell) founded an International Education NGO, Tara.Ed at the age of 20. In the Hindi language, "Tara" means "Star". The organisation was conceived to build star teachers to help students shine. By focusing on teachers rather than students, Tara.Ed aims to promote sustainability in education. Now in its fourth year, Tara.Ed reaches out to over 2000 underprivileged children in rural and remote areas of India.

Jennifer's passion for India was ignited after being selected as a World Vision Youth Ambassador to India in 2004. She graduated with an Ancient History degree at Macquarie University in 2009 and has since undertaken a postgraduate Diploma in Education. Jennifer's determination spills over into other areas in her life. Alongside her development work, Jennifer is an elite athlete in the sport of Judo. Her determination allowed her to win a bronze medal in the 2005 Youth Olympics (with a broken leg) and she ranked 9th in her division in the World Championships in 2009.

Now 24 years old, Jennifer has settled in Bangalore, India and divides her time between managing Tara.Ed and teaching life-skills at a school for urban street children.